DHL Introduces Drones for Ecommerce

E-commerce giants are looking for new ways of improving the efficiency in the delivery of their products. It is obvious that cutting down on delivery times is vital to being ahead of the competition, so all the big boys are doing everything practically possible to provide delivery that is instantaneous. A standard has been set which is; the product has to get to the customer inside 24 hours, and everyone is striving to beat this standard.


One of the e-commerce giants, Amazon, has been looking at various ways of achieving an e-commerce future that is almost instantaneous. They looked at sending the product prior to it being purchased by the customer. They also looked at using drones with GoPro cams for deliveries. This led to the introduction of the Amazon drones in 2013 as a pilot project in the U.S. This idea has culminated into a turning point for the world of e-commerce with a number of companies incorporating drones for various purposes. A good example is the e-commerce and logistics companies who have embraced the use of drones for home deliveries.

The latest company to join the list is DHL, one of the foremost leaders in the logistics world, which recently conducted a pilot project in Europe involving the use of drones for the delivery of e-commerce purchases. The company informed the New York Times of its intention not to use drones generally for all deliveries, rather the drones will be used to access remote locations or locations that are difficult to reach. The drones are therefore set to provide coverage in locations where it is not easy or profitable to use traditional means of delivery.

These drones are not any similar to standard drones for beginners, these are professional industrial UAVs. If you’re beginner looking for your first drone, take a look at link in previous sentence. Drones in 2017 are very advanced, and I honestly believe DHL will do great job with their drone. DHL is not alone in building drones for delivery, do you remember amazon is working on something similar too?

The first set of trials, which are basically a service for the delivery of medicines, will be taking place on a small island north of Germany with a population of 2,000 inhabitants. The drone will make a daily 30-minute flight from Bremen to Juist, a small island. The product will not be taken directly to the customer, instead, it will be collected from the drone by a staff on the island’s postal service for onward delivery to the rightful recipients. In bad weather conditions where the drone is unable to fly, the standard methods of delivery in the area such as the ferry or air transport will be used.

Taking into consideration the numerous challenges arising from the geography on the continent, if the trials by DHL prove to be successful, trade deals on quadcopters for sale are set to rise considerably, and drones could become a fascinating partner for European messaging and logistics companies.

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