About Us


From the beginning, we have been on a mission to place the power of the internet in your hands.

In 2006, the founder of Capri Web Designer, Hernan Caruso, saw the need to build a web design company that was different from the norm. Capri Web Designer was set up with the intention to empower small business owners to adopt the internet simply and confidently. Capri Web Designer was one of the earliest companies in Italy to take advantage of evolving technology and apply it to assist small businesses in improving their online success by delivering high-quality web design that can be updated by the clients themselves, at an affordable price. This was a game-changer in Italy because a lot of the traditional website developers were not doing this and getting businesses online was expensive and prohibitive.

Since then, Capri Web Designer has grown into 25 staff with more than 4000 Italian small businesses as clients. While a lot of changes have occurred online through the years, our principles of providing affordability, value, and a genuine intention to help small businesses succeed online have also improved.

All You Need For Online Success

Through our experience of working with more than 4000 small businesses, we have come to appreciate that a successful online presence goes beyond a website. A good brand combined with lots of qualified traffic are also important. So, as an addition to our e-commerce and information websites, we also offer graphic design, branding, Search Engine Optimization, logo design, and pay-per-click advertising. We offer everything you require for digital success and we derive great pride in partnering with up-and-coming small businesses for the long haul.

We’re passionate about small businesses

Our whole process and products have been designed around offering required by small businesses at start-up with the sole purpose of making their partnership with us an easy, quick, and trouble-free experience. Our clients always have full control over their website without an outrageous price tag, and our friendly staff offers their expert skills even after your website has gone live.